Monday, May 22, 2006

The Last Week

In the past week I have just been hanging out and getting projects finished up for the end of the semester. We had a few birthdays last week so we went out a few times. Over the weekend we saw The Da Vinci Code, and played a lot of tennis, as the weather was nice on Saturday and Sunday which was a nice change from the rain. This is my last week of classes, then I have a week of final tests, and then some time to travel before coming home. Time have flown by the past few months, I am torn between not wanting it to end and being excited to come home. I still plan on seeing Alice Springs and Melbourne before I leave, but if it works out maybe more. I will get some pics up as they come, but there hasn't been to many things going on that are picture worthy.


Picture: Tim, Toni, Norbert, Me, and Jake at the Tav on Beth & Amanda's Birthday (Thursday)


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