Sunday, April 02, 2006

An Amazing weekend at Fraser Island

I just got back from Fraser Island, it was an amazing experience. Every part of the island was beautiful. Fraser Island is an all sand island (there is nothing but sand and the lava rock at Indian Head, no soil anywhere on the island) right off the coast, the island is home to more sand than the Sahara dessert, while only being roughly 70 miles North to South and 15 miles East to West. The tour started at 6:00 on Saturday morning, when we first got to the island our first stop was a 1-mile hike through a forest and then over a large sandblow (basically picture a desert) to swim in Lake Wabby. After swimming in the lake for around an hour we hiked back to the bus and headed for Indian Head, a large lookout at the point of the island. We were able to see a school of tigersharks feeding right at the base of the cliff. We then headed down the beach to float down Eli Creek. Our next stop was to a wrecked cruise ship that still rests on the beach from 1935 called the Maheno. We then headed to our resort for the night, Eurong Beach Resort. After dinner we spent the rest of the night at the Beach Bar. Today we started at 9:00, we first drove to the center of the island and stopped to swim at Lake McKenzie. It was the most beautiful lake I have ever seen, the water was as clear as the water in a swimming pool and the beach was all white sand. The lake is rated #7 of the best places to swim in the world. After a few hours there we headed to the rainforest. During our hike through the forest, we saw lizards, eels, king ferns (1 of 5 places they exist in the world, the ones we saw were estimated to be 1500-2000 years old), and a lot of huge trees. That was our last stop of the tour. We finally got home around 6:00 tonight, it was a very exhausting weekend. Now I am just taking it easy for a while and later I will do some reading for class tomorrow.



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